My brother Vinny committed suicide yesterday. I am shocked, really sad and quite honestly numb as I haven't fully processed it yet. Like anyone else, I will mourn and grieve losing him.  The double edge sword of being a psychic medium is that we don't get a pass on our own grief and it sucks just as much to lose someone. Many have reached out to me to ask me what they can do.  This is where prayer comes in.  There is nothing more powerful than when peeps come together in numbers and pray.  Praying for someone, whether they are here on earth or on the other side absolutely does help them on their journey.  That positive energy that is sent through prayer, is like fertilizer to a plant, it gives that extra boost. So I am asking you all to please take a moment to send loving energy to Vinny who is now back home and bear with my absence as I deal with this loss.

Thank you!