The energy of a space is a critical aspect to the peaceful, successful and abundant life you deserve to be living, working and/or creating in.  I've traveled all over to assess and clear spaces and locations for both individuals, businesses, events, film & theatre productions, real estate developers & sales people just to name a few.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or business, you are in the real estate game (developer/agent/flipper/architect/designer, a film director/producer, location scout, theatre manager or a party/wedding planner etc.. 

I come to your space/location and do a thorough assessment of the energy of that space (and sometimes the people in it.) Then I do a full cleansing using energetic clearing tools specific to the needs of the space and make recommendations for how to maintain positive balanced energy in the space going forward. 

Please EMAIL ME directly with your specific needs. Tell me a bit about the space or the job you are working on and what you are looking for from me and I'll get back to you shortly to work out all the details.