I've worked with many professions; Film/TV, real estate, fashion, theater, photography, public relations, publishing, finance, small businesses of all types, medical just to name a few. Every business is completely different so there's no standard menu, one size definitely does not fit all. Some of the services I've provided have been...

Giving Insight and intuition on:

  • Locations for both film/tv shoots and real estate sales and development.
  • New business set up for many different professions
  • Investing
  • Investors
  • How to expand businesses
  • Partnering with someone (or not)
  • HR decisions (hiring and staffing)
  • Casting choices (theatre, film modeling agencies)

These are only some examples of services I've provided.



During our initial chat, we will assess your specific needs and figure out the services I can provide that will work best for you and your company.In other words we will come up with a custom plan that works best for you.

EMAIL ME directly to schedule a time to have our initial chat. I look very forward to making great things happen together!