I’m so excited to work with you. Before listing the FAQs, I would like to establish a starting point. Clearly you have a basic belief in something greater than ourselves and that Intuitives, (aka psychic mediums, Seers, clairvoyants etc.) like myself have the ability to access information from that greater source to help you in your life's journey. I thought you might like a little more insight about me and how my gift actually works.
I come from a very fact based analytical background of documentary filmmaking and journalism. I never shot, edited or written anything that wasn't true. In your session, I will say exactly and only what I'm getting. I'm going to warn you that it may not necessarily be what you want to hear and the words I say may not meet your desires but I can promise it’s what you need to hear and it’s offered to you with the intent to help you on your life journey. Think of me as a telephone between worlds. Would you ever get angry at your telephone for what someone on the other end of it was saying to you? I am simply an instrument, a messenger giving you the exact messages that I am receiving.
I don't want you to miss any really important messages that could change your life or give you the answers you need to help you move forward, so please take what I’m about to say seriously. If you come expecting to talk to a specific person or hear a specific thing, you will definitely be closing yourself off to my gift and you may actually miss something that is super important for you to hear or answers that you've been looking for. The best way for you to approach your session is to listen, to truly listen, with an open, clear mind and without judgment, so that you get as much out of your session as you possibly can knowing that, like with any other service, if you are unsatisfied, you never have to do another one. And while I don't allow taping of any kind, I do strongly encourage you to take notes so that you can always refer back to them.
My gift allows me to read your spirit/soul/true self blueprint (which btw you carefully created before you came here) and see probability and possibility. I can see what path of your blueprint you’re on right now and where you seem to be headed (probability) and then with that info, you can make more informed choices about your life. You see... There are many, many, many (did I say many) potential paths on your (very intricate) blueprint. That's where potentials (possibilities) come in. I see those too and then can suggest actions you
can take to change an undesired course if you so choose.
I also have the ability to talk to deceased loved ones (who I loving call Speople - my blended word for spirit people because there is nothing dead about them) to get their perspective on matters to help you make your decisions, should they decide to stop by, but that’s entirely up to them. There are no guarantees that any one (in specific) will come through, as they too have free will, so again
please be open to whoever, if anyone, decides to stop by and help.
It is imperative, however, that you be fully aware that Intuitives are merely a tool to help you see where you are on your life path, where you are currently headed and where you have the potential to go and then it's entirely up to you to make your own decisions and do the work. You will receive the greatest benefits from our work by being willing to take absolute responsibility for your journey and not looking to myself, another Intuitive or anyone else to make your decisions for you.
Please do not perceived us as "end all be all, great untouchable oracles in the sky." We definitely DON'T know everything, only what we are shown, and sometimes we are purposely shielded from certain information if it will in any way thwart a lesson or spiritual growth for you. All information comes through us not from us, so just like you would listen to the advice of a friend and take the information you receive and use it to help you to make your choices, an intuitive is there to offer insights for you to do the same.
Please come to your reading with NO EXPECTATIONS... just allow whatever is supposed to happen, happen. Having expectations can often times keep someone so focused only on what they think should or want to happen that they may dismiss other messages. So please just be open to the message that Spirit wants to give you instead of messages that you want to hear. There is no exact science to this gift, but if you are willing to take the ride with me, we can really get some amazing work done together.
I look very forward to working together.



  • Prepare a LIST OF QUESTIONS that you would like to ask Gemma. Some clients (especially those returning and/or doing a mini session) prefer to EMAIL their list of questions in advance. If you do so via the previous link, the questions go directly to Gemma, no one else sees them.. This allows Gemma to specifically focus on them during meditation she will do prior to your session. This will not negate any other information from coming through but it will assure that your areas of concern are covered. It is entirely YOUR preference though to send them in advance or have them ready at the time of your session.
  • DO NOT CONSUME EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL OR DRUGS before your session or show up under the influence. This will definitely greatly effects Gemma's energy in a negative way and YOU WILL FORFEIT your reading without a refund or a reschedule. Prescription medication is fine.
  • HYDRATE! Readings can be both emotionally and physically draining so hydration before and after is important.
  • NO HEAVY PERFUME or COLOGNE if you are coming in personGemma's senses are extremely sensitive and you don't want to detract from your reading in any way. Also, Speople will sometimes give her a scent to identify who they are... If your fragrance overpowers that, it could confuse that message.
  • Gemma will contact you at the exact time of your session via the SKYPE/FACETIME/PHONE info you have given to us. If for any reason you need to reschedule, please let us know 24 hours or more in advance.




No two readings are ever alike so expect the unexpected. Gemma meditates prior to the reading. When you  connect, she will give you the messages that came to her in meditation and any that come through as in the moment and then allow you to ask anything that you would like to get insight on.


This is highly NOT recommended. This insures the clearest connection with no interruption of another person’s energy. If you risk someone listening in, you may not get clear information about your own journey.

You have free will and all decisions regarding your journey are to be made by you and only you. Therefore, Gemma nor your Speople will ever tell you that you "should" do anything. Instead, they will guide you to make your own informed decisions based on where your energy currently is vs where you have the potential to be.


No, not at all. Communication is different than in this physical realm. It’s not done with words from the mouth like here. It's more like THEY send her a block of energy that she then translates. Messages come in a variety of ways. Mental images, words, feelings, smells etc. There is a lot of symbolism used as well. Gemma gives you exactly what she hears, sees and feels nothing more, nothing less. 


No, you are solely responsible for "fixing" your life, not Gemma (or anyone else for that matter.) Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives and healers of any kind are simply tools to help you make your own decisions, on your journey. It's similar to going to a doctor for a sprained ankle... The doctor can tell you it's sprained and suggest that you ice it, take ibuprofen, stay off it and elevate it, but it's completely up to you to take the suggestion and do any and all of  that work.


Gemma is the "new face of the psychic," she actually doesn’t always love the term psychic as it has too many negative stigmas attached. That said, she believes that psychics, mediums and Intuitives of all sorts are a resource for people to utilize to help make decisions. There is nothing airy fairy or scary about Gemma. No smoke and mirror or grand Hollywood show. She won't ever tell you that you are doomed or cursed. She is extremely down to earth and real and loves to empower, inspire and motivate you to reach you greatest potential. She only channels information that is useful to you in some way; to heal and give you comfort, make decisions and/or choose your life experiences. In other words you only get information that you can do something with.


Gemma takes the ethics of her work extremely seriously. She thoroughly understands that confidentiality is critical. And while she greatly appreciates client shoutouts (as she doesn't advertise so her clients come solely based on word of mouth) it's entirely up to you what you choose to share and with whom. Not to mention Gemma won’t retain most of what is said in your meeting as she is a channel so the information comes through her and leaves with you.