"When I first consulted Gemma, I was going through one of the toughest times in my life.  With the passing of my father, who was my best friend and guide,  I was in a fog, not enjoying my life with my sadness so overwhelming that my business was failing.   Gemma first and foremost with her amazing intuitive abilities, connected me to my father and from that moment on, my outlook changed for the positive.  I knew he was still with me and supporting me and for the first time since his passing, I felt peace and even happiness.   Then Gemma really shined!  She gave me a multitude of ideas, suggestions and creative pathway's to follow and sure enough, in no time, I was back on my feet with my business booming.   Opportunities opened up for me that I could never have dreamed of all of which I owe their success to Gemma.   Thank you Gemma! You have a client for life xx"

~  Amy Zdunowski-Roeder                                             Celebrity Makeup-Artist, Hairstylist, NYC

"Working with Gemma as a business consultant has given me peace of mind. In our sessions, she has made suggestions for changing aspects of my business, which I had never considered, which will ultimately make delivery of my services more accessible for my clients and easier for me and my staff. As I begin to implement these changes, I am feeling more satisfied with my business and excited about expanding as opposed to being worried about managing growth. Having Gemma available via email and text to answer questions has helped me gain clarity when I have felt bombarded by options and demands. Working with Gemma is a priceless investment. I am grateful to have met her."

~ Lara Ann Riggio  Creator/Owner The Lara Touch,     NYC, NY

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Gemma for a few years now and every time I'm around her, I'm still blown away. Her intuitive guidance is really second to none. She has not only helped to shape my career over the years, through messages from speople & clear advice, but she also helped me heal after the passing of my father. She's a tremendous person & someone I always want to have in my corner. 

~ Jason Gore, Comedian, NYC

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I would get at least an annual consultation and Gemma was always spot on. Her insights on my career have always been remarkable. At the point that I decided to kick things up a notch, I knew I wanted to work with her as my Intuitive Career Advisor to help me with mindset, career strategy and intuitive guidance. Working with her has been rewarding beyond my expectations. I like that I can contact her whenever I need her and she is so responsive. In my business things happen quickly sometimes and it is important to have a team of folks who believe in me and who I can rely on to be there when I need them. Not only is she responsive, but I have never left a conversation with her (via phone, skype, email or text) disappointed. I am grateful that she always knows exactly what to say to make me feel empowered, inspired and motivated about the work I'm doing.I have become more confident as a performer. I know that I'm getting more work as a result of my working with Gemma. I feel more confident and excited than I ever have about the work I do and where my career is going. Before doing this work , it felt so much like everything was out of my hands. Now, I feel grounded and very much in control of my career. It's a great feeling!

~ Lisha McKoy, Actor,                                                      Brooklyn, NY

Gemma's advice is logical, practical and actionable. She gives you the breadcrumbs we entrepreneurs rarely get when trying to navigate the complexities of starting and running your own business. Working with her is a no brainer. It has given me the confidence and clarity I need to make and execute tough decisions.

Amanda Allen, Founder and CEO Newlywish NYC, NY

"Working with Gemma as a business consultant is hands down the best thing that I have ever done for my work. Her guidance has saved me time and money....two critical resources for a business professional. But mostly it has saved me from running over the same mistakes and patterns that cost me time and money and even a little heartache too. Her intuitive wisdom and no BS advice helps me to sort out big decisions with clarity and peace of mind. My biggest setbacks in business have always been that I follow my head and not my gut feelings. This has always cost me alot on many levels. I have learned in working with Gemma how to sort out the winning decisions from the loosing decisions with my own intuitive gifts. So I can now just step aside and get to the fun creative stuff.I love working with Gemma as she is generous, funny, wise and a seriously great intuitive coach. I would recommend her to anyone that is serious about turning their dreams into a concrete reality and having a blast along the way."

 ~Dr. Gabrielle Francis             Owner,The Herban Alchemist NYC

 Author of    "The Rockstar Remedy: A  Rock n Roll doctors perscription for  a long and healthy life." 


"Gemma totally blew me out of the water when I met with her!  It was like talking with my best friend. She’s so intuitive, funny, inspiring and kicked my butt in a highly caring way. She gave me insights into my business, why I was having issues making money, how I can focus on my real life/souls work, and in my personal life with my relationships. As a wonderful bonus she was able to connect with my dad and my grandmother who have both passed over and gave me some much needed advice and encouragement.  This session with her was priceless.  AND, the kicker, we met on Skype- just as good as meeting in person in my book.  Don’t hesitate to make an appointment, she’s exactly what I needed and I’m sure she can help you too! “ 

~ Shannon M.McCaffery                                      Founder, Soulful Vision Marketing , Richmond, VA 

"In the year that Gemma has been our Intuitive Business Advisor, we've found much greater clarity in what new areas of business we've wanted to expand into as well as an easier time navigating the many new relationships that are a part of running our growing businesses- both in the clients that we take on as well as the team we work with and in the creative partnerships that we've forged with outside partners and vendors.   Her guidance is never generic and always spot on to what the unique situation requires.  Most importantly, her perspective has helped us hone our own intuition about situations making those "split second" decisions that come up often for a business owner easier all the way around."  

Mayra Castillo & Xochitl Gonzalez, Co-Founders, AaB Creates NY, NY

My life was on the great precipice of some radical change when I started working with Gemma (which I believe is no accident) and I find I am eager and excited when it comes time for my bi-monthly reading (in times of crisis, I have upped my reading to once monthly for additional guidance and support from my spiritual guides and speople).You sit for your reading, and it's not smoke and mirrors, or trippy hippy stuff.  She is real.  She is another girl from Brooklyn.  She is funny, smart, and easy to talk to.  You don't feel like you are getting "Gemma" advice - you are simply working with her, as the MEDIUM.  She can hear, see, feel the one who have crossed over and are sharing the message. Her gift is above all else based in truth and authenticity.  In working with Gemma (Monthly, over 3 years!), I am constantly -- left feeling inspired, enlightened, assisted on my journey.  It is an incredibly optimistic, uplifting experience.  Even when my life is at it's most challenging.  Gemma's message is always love focused, growth focused, healing. Working with Gemma has opened many, many doors of understanding and experience on the spiritual plane - and here I am growing radically fast - the more I listen and practice the suggested exercises, mantras, and spiritual readings, the faster I grow myself, and the farther I get on my path.  I feel happier, healthier, experience more abundance and overall have much greater depth, clarity and insight in my daily living experiences." 

~ Martha Rossi McDermott                                   Katonah, NY